Supporting teachers who inspire


Easy to use and implement

With a simple and effective curriculum,
teachers are able to focus on teaching and student engagement.

Teachers save time

Videos and pictures of skill techniques are included in every lesson

SEL, ESL, CASEL & SHAPE standards are aligned and provided in every lesson

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Assessment rubrics are included and printable in every lesson (example)

Student Name Locks ankle Ball hits laces CASEL Standard
Tommy X S4.E4.2
Jessica X X S4.E4.2
Sam X S4.E4.2
Louis X X S4.E4.2

Districts improve consistency


Easy to follow lessons increases consistency among teachers and schools


Consistent high quality PE throughout a district increases grades and boosts athletics programs


You're in good company.
Supported by researchers. Loved by distinguished schools.

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Hear what people are saying:

Thank you for checking in!! LOVING the curriculum! I have been working my way through the ‘sportsmanship’ unit… the kids are loving the games and even asking if we can play them on ‘free choice’ days. So far…fantastic!!
— Emily, St John Regional Catholic School
I have found the Growfit Curriculum to be extremely beneficial. The lessons are easy to understand and the selection of games at each level makes it easy to find one and to implement for the students.
— Brian, Polaris Christian
I heard that they are finding games that are age appropriate and easy to do. They have stopped complaining that they ‘get’ to teach PE this year, so I count it all as success.
— Principal, K-8 school