GrowFit Curriculum is applicable to many federal, state, and local funding sources. These sources can provide funding for curriculum purchases, as well as before and after-school programming that get kids moving! Many of our customers utilize these funding resources to supplement the cost of GrowFit.


Local Funding

Local sources are a great pathway to support the purchase of GrowFit curriculum. These resources include parent organizations, district foundations, library budgets and school bonds. Individual teachers can also utilize online fundraising resources like to fund their physical education needs.


Federal Funding

Title I: Increasing the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged

The largest source of federal funding to schools is from Title I, providing over $14 billion dollars to schools with high-poverty populations. If your school received Title I funding, your school is required to use a percentage of the grant to fund "safe and healthy school activities" directly complementing the GrowFit curriculum.


ESSA Title IV Part A

The newly enacted bipartisan Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) includes a flexible block grant program known as Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants (SSAEG) under Title IV Part A, which is authorized at $1.65 billion in fiscal year 2017. Title IV, Part A authorizes supporting safe and healthy students with comprehensive school mental health, drug and violence prevention, training on trauma-informed practices, and health and physical education. GrowFit directly supports a comprehensive health and physical education curriculum for students K-8.