Unit Name Areas of focus
Sportsmanship Being respectful, being honest, working with others
Running Locomotor movements (running, galloping, sliding and skipping)
Jumping Locomotor movements (jumping, landing, both vertically and horizontally, jumping rope)
Gymnastics Balance, weight transfer, rolling, curling, stretching, twisting, bending
Dance Moving to a beat, dance combinations, dance creation
Throwing/Catching Underhand throwing, overhand throwing, passing, catching
Frisbee Backhand pass, forehand pass, one handed catching, two handed catching
Soccer Dribbling, passing, receiving, kicking
Hockey Striking object with long implement
Basketball Dribbling, passing, shooting
Volleyball Underhand volley, overhand volley, serving
Badminton Striking object with short implement
Swimming Locomotor movements (breaststroke, front stroke, butterfly stroke and backstroke), water safety, treading water.